Rasatala – Day 1

The mysterious jungles of Zardula conceal the corrupted caverns of Rasatala. For centuries the reviled ruins have been shunned by travellers despite tales of some of South Asia’s most valuable treasures being lost within. Rumours of twisted snake-men, cruel tiger spirits and insane cultists abound.

Those who enter are often driven by greed or a desire to cleanse an ancient evil – perhaps a combination of both. No matter their motivation, none who enter have ever been seen again.

Screen shot shows a rakshasa and a tiger closing in on the player, while a naga lurks across the room – seemingly not having noticed what’s taking place nearby.

If you played my game from last year, Mujahid, this’ll look familiar. This time I’m drawing from Hindu mythology instead of Islam and it’s got a bit more of a fantasy bent to it as opposed to a strictly historical pseudo-mystical setting. Features will be facing-based combat, a few different classes which will need to rely on different playstyles for maximum effect, including a non-combat specialist which will hopefully pan out well.

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