Scar Fell – 24 hours in

Giving 7DRL a go again, not sure if I’ll stick it out the whole week but hopefully my mood holds steady and I can finish this!

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 15.41.10Was playing around with the ‘trixel’ mode in Hexels shortly before starting, so that’s basically what’s influenced this look. The rest is some kind of dirty cross between Dark Souls and my understanding of roguelikes. I’m also going to be heavily drawing on folklore of Cumbria (the place where I’m from), hence the name. So there will totally be some Faeries, Hobs, Boggles, Giants, Witches, Reivers and maybe even some lost Roman Soldiers knocking about deep within the fell.

For those curious; the graphics are done in blender, just triangle meshes with painted vertex colours. The game itself is running in Unity, so I can port it to most everything once/if I finish.

Here’s a mockup of talking to a guy;



also a couple of vines and the first concept I did before 7DRL started.

4 thoughts on “Scar Fell – 24 hours in”

  1. That looks gorgeous! Can’t wait to see how this turns out.

    Cumbria’s a big part of my existence as well – sounds like a real trove of inspiration. Good luck!

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