Servitude – Day 6 – Report

Sunday was a day of lackadaisical work, where I was supposed to be watching Alaska The Last Frontier and Gold Rush Alaska while programming, but was really programming while watching them.  A big difference, unfortunately.  What should have been interesting and educational television, was ruined by reality TV overproduction.  The editing was so bad it was hard to understand what was going on, either they were reshowing the same things over and over, or they seemed to lose track of the interpretation they were trying to show and didn’t show enough to build a clear picture.  Wait.. writing this is more procrastination of a different sort!

My game received absolutely no gameplay improvement.  All the work was rewriting things to be done in the best way.  Some of these were necessary, but most of these I could have lived with and built a game on.


  • Doors are now reclassified as in-game objects, rather than a fixed part of the background
  • There can be multiple objects at a given coordinate, rather than just one.

Not necessary:

  • The UI now deals with in-game coordinates in the absolute world coordinate space, and no longer has an “area id” that it passed around with any area coordinate space coordinates.

Today I have to finish the world coordinate space debacle, which is almost working.  Then more world generation is next on the cards.

Day 5 begins..

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