SurvivorRL – Day 2 Start

A bit late, since I started this day around 2 hours ago, but better this way, since I can show off a feature now, instead of tonight. First off, made terrain generation churn out a proper island now, with perlin noise to make it look nice and pretty. The code itself is simple, and I’ll share pseudocode for it, if anyone’s having trouble with terrain generation and wants a nice-looking island. Second, I added a minimap to show the map itself whole, as much for the player as for me debugging terrain generation. Lastly, I added a marker onto the minimap to show player position. Hopefully that should make it clearer what’s going on with the player view itself.

As for the rest of the day, today is a gameplay and refactor day. I need to fix everything I added yesterday, and start adding the basic gameplay: player collision, objects, object generation during map generation, player stats, and player inventory, preferably in that order.


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