Urwald – Day 0

…will hopefully be a roguelike game about Poachers.
You’re the Forester and your main objective is to stop them.

Everything will take it’s place in primeval forest.

Soon stood, in robe of mist, the oak,
A tow’ring giant in his size,
Where darkness through the thicket broke,
And glared with hundred gloomy eyes.

Game will be coded in C++ with help of libtcod (mainly for rendering),
Artemis-Cpp entity system and as much other code as I can steal.

I already have basic project (that is result of different previous trials),
that have both libtcod and Artemis and it even compiles!

It’s my first attempt to do and finish roguelike (or any game for that matter),
and I treat it more as a testbed to see how to work with Artemis, but since it’s Day0,
I am full of hope that I’ll be able to finish it.

For 7drl it’ll probably be x86 windows only if I succeed I’ll
probably try to do x64 version and linux port (should’n be a problem).

Today I want to collect some more information that I’ll need, and I’m starting tomorrow (Mon, GMT+1).

Lots of participants this year, I wish everyone success!

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