Another late start

It’s only half past nine here, so I’m not getting started nearly as late as I could, but I figured I’m unlikely to be putting in much last-minute work next Sunday night (or this one, for that matter.) I’m planning to use T-Engine, so that will be a big head start in itself if it works out.

My goal with the uncreatively named “Rogue Tactics” is basically to make a turn-based strategy game in the vein of FFT, Wesnoth, and countless other titles. That may not sound terribly roguelike outside of my attempt to adapt T-Engine to the purpose, but I’ll see if I can find some ways to make it more so. Everything will be random (at least for this 7DRL version,) character death will be permanent, and due to the absence of free hex graphics it’s going to have to use the ASCII display mode. I’m hoping to use this as the prototype of a more ambitious game at a later date, possibly an entry to the T-Engine module contest.

To an extent I’ll be designing it as I go along, so rather than writing about my ideas at present I’ll post new updates showing my progress on a nightly basis. The very first tasks are to switch to hex mode (already done with a single line of code- thanks for making it possible tiger_eye!), create another party member (working on it), and make sure that T-Engine can have allies and enemies ‘take turns’ in a manner visible to the player. If it turns out that I’m unable to adapt T-Engine to my needs, things are going to get a little trickier.

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