Arcology Escape – End Day 2

Recap of what has happened for me so far.

Start of Day 1 – I’ve never made a rl before or finished a game so lets try the 7drl, whats the worst that could happen?  I didn’t have any solid idea of what to make but a survival/stealth rl sounded fun and I like arcologies from sim city so lets try to work with that.  I looked at unity3d, love2d, and the T-Engine, decided to go with the T-Engine.

End of Day 1 – The survival idea is all but dead, all the ideas I had made the game play to slow, and I doubt I could finish enough of the ideas to make a playable game.  On to stealth.

Mid Day 2 – Stealth goes down fighting, I could not think of a way to make rooms/houses on a reasonably sized map with enough space to sneak around, and I dislike auto explore. I pick a name for the game for a small moral boost “Arcology Escape”. Nothing fancy but it works.

End Day 2 – So where does the end of day 2 leave me?  Well I’ve decided the player will be a security guard trying to escape.  To make it fun they only have one hp and can not attack enemies, only stun/push/maybe slow.  There will also be some non-hostile humans for you to use as you see fit, although you can not tell them what to do.

Goals for Day 3 – Get something somewhat playable. Not sure what all that means yet.

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