“Back Up” – End of day 2

Day 2 summary

Rich got part of the level generation code running last night by adding doorways to the existing rooms. Hopefully the corridors will get added tonight. He is using this algorithm which seemed ok at first look but on re-reading it isn’t very clear on anything. BSP looks ok so will have that as a backup plan near the end if needed. I didn’t say before but I have most of the day to work on this, Rich only has a few hours in the evenings so that is why his part is going slower. I can work around it.

For my part I added an enemy in every room for testing. I Started the item system which generates (weighted) random objects of various types and added some test objects. So far I have Consumable, Armour and Weapon, with weapon subdivided into Swords, Axes, and Daggers. I need to know the difference for stats and equipping later on (probably Wednesday). For testing they spawn one per room as well. The space key picks up items and puts them in the inventory window on the left. I also started on lighting with a first-pass simple distance based light with falloff.

Sprites are from this page. They appear to originally be from here but the link doesn’t work anymore to find out attribution of if I’m allowed to use them.

State of the game after 48 hours

Goals for day 3


  • Get corridors added to the map.


  • A* or Dijkstra algorithm. I don’t need it for pathfinding, although it might come in handy. I want to use it for checking that the level start/end is connected and for line-of-sight on the lighting.
  • Basic combat system. I’ve put an enemy in the players start room to help with that until corridors are done.
  • Zoom the map back in and add scrolling. Currently it is at 50% size to see it all for testing the level generation.

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