Pugnacious Wizards day 1

Can you find the three pieces of the amulet and escape from the castle? Play from your browser or download at http://trystans.blogspot.com/2013/03/pugnacious-wizards-day-1.html

I managed to get a good 9 or so hours of work done today. As far as features go, I’ve got a lot of done already: basic worldgen, enemies with basic ai, some basic magic, victory, defeat, and an intro that shows how to play the game. I also tackled a couple things I’ve never done and wasn’t sure how to do: animations, magic, and a decent ai for the demo hero.

That means that I can focus on cool ideas for the rest of the week:

  • Traps, puzzles, and room themes.
  • Enemy wizards that know how to use the same magic that you have.
  • A novel, and hopefully better, magic system.
  • Basic polish such as a help screen and look screen.

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