SanitasRL – End of day 3

Three days into the challenge so far. Although I didn’t have to much time to spend on the game today I still managed to get a couple of things done. I cleaned up a lot of code, it’s amazing how sloppy code you write when you’re on a deadline. I also got field of view and fog of war into the game, something I’ve never worked on before. I tried to read up on  shadow casting but settled for the original Rogue way of things, to just light up the room you’re currently in. I put some images in for the various items, to get a feel for how I would execute that.

I really think I’ll need to set at least one day of for play testing and performance optimizing, the game definitely doesn’t run slow but I think I can do a hell of a lot better… Like not calculating the FOV every frame.

The goals for day 4 is hopefully to add some combat functionality and figure out the basic combat formulas.

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