Soviet Side Scroller Day 1.5

Greetings! My roguelike is a Soviet themed side scrolling action/rpg that is supposed to be reminiscent of Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Using Unity for a 2D game can be awkward, but if you can deal with the extra issues Unity has with 2D you get a lot of freebies from the engine. I spent my first day and a half of development getting the 2D gameplay feel right, testing different ways of doing 2D animation in Unity, and my first run at a dungeon generator. Here’s my testing result:     You can see the full youtube here:

Appropriately since I’m trying to get the Castlevania feel I used an ‘Alucard’ ripped sprite for my testing. I’m working with an artist doing some sprite work so the actual Soviet themed art goes in next. I was also testing lighting with sprites and Unity does an excellent job with it though right now my sprite is kinda lit up like a disco ball. Also: overusing fire effects is fun.

If anyone else is working in 2D Unity I would recommend not bothering with the character controller. I think it was a waste of time trying to make it work and better to just go with directly add forcing and such. I’m also using the ‘perspective’ camera even though I’m in 2D because I liked the slight 3D effect on the dungeon blocks but that might change. I also wanted to try a parallaxing effect but I stupidly actually moved around the background texture directly behind my 2D dungeon. A smarter approach would be to tie it to a separate camera away from the 2D elements and layer it with the main camera that way you don’t get the colored lights splashing onto the background. Something to fix soon. Still, I’m pretty happy with my first burst of development as I have my basic gameplay elements in and I’ve got the rest of the week to do a lot of the more fun development.

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