Declaring at the last possible moment for this year’s 7DRL (Its 11:30pm on Sunday here.)

This will be my fourth year attempting a 7DRL, and hopefully my second success. I’m trying to keep things a little simpler this in hopes of actually finishing.

In Winterlands you play as a rabbit who raids a farmer’s garden every week in an attempt to build up stores for the winter. Only as the weeks go by more and more ferocious animals are coming down from the mountains and competing for food.

Each week will function as a floor of the dungeon, and the current week will be based on your actions the previous week (which plants you dug up, what animals/bugs you killed etc) I’m hoping to produce interesting combat by focusing on the rabbit’s hops. In the beginning you will only be able to move in two space intervals, with different combinations becoming available later.

It will be my first graphical roguelike and I will be making it with javascript using the crafty.js game engine (which I will be learning simultaneously. That probably goes against my ‘make this an easy year to finish’ statement earlier…. but whatever)

The should be more details tomorrow as I work them out (and hopefully pictures!)

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