60 Hour Report: The Time Travel Trickery Tshallenge’s Temporal Tumbledryer

Progress is slow. I’ve been distracted by getting the tileset rendering correctly, so the entity/event/timeline system isn’t yet functional. I’m moving house as soon as 7drl week finishes, and a lot of the time I would want to spend programming is going towards packing and tidying.

At least I have map generation working. It’s just basic BSP, with a few extra connections to ensure cyclic topology. I generally dislike BSP generated dungeons because I find them so boring, but in this case the map size means there’s no space to waste on big expanses of walls and corridors with sparse rooms. BSP is the easiest way to ensure that rooms are dense in the map and have a minimum size.

With 108 hours to go, I need to put some serious work in if this isn’t to be a failure.

Author: srd

Author of KleinRL (14drl), Mutant Aliens! (7drl), Mutant Aristocrats! (1drl), Encircled (1.5drl), Schaak! (7drts), and CONVOLUTE (0hg). Likes turn-based games that minimise nonsense.

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  1. I’m not a fan of BSP for the same reasons. You could just break everything into a grid of rooms and join it into a maze. Turn some rooms into corridors if you want. That’s what I’m doing on my 7drl to avoid wasting space.

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