“Back Up” – End of day 3

Day 3 summary

A slow day but things are still happening.

Rich made progression adding corridors to the generated map. Not quite there but just needs some debugging I think.

I upgraded the lighting for line-of-sight so I could hide the rest of the level. On the monster side I made them chase the player if they come too close. If they lose the player they will generally hang around near where they last saw them. The monsters can attack the player and vice versa although nothing happens yet.

State of the game after 72 hours

Goals for day 4


  • As usual. Get corridors added to the map.


  • Basic combat system. I’ve put an enemy in the players start room to help with that until corridors are done.
  • Zoom the map back in and add scrolling. Currently it is at 50% size to see it all for testing the level generation.

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