Black Mage Goes Rogue- Day 3

I’ve made some critical changes over the past 24 hours:

MP, HP, items and win/loss conditions have been properly constrained.

You lose if you get bopped (of course), and you win the moment you take the Quintessence crystal (‘/’).

You can go down and up staircases, and enemies can use techniques, attack and follow you.

Walls have been created and work properly.



WASD or directional keys: Move north/south/east/west. Diagonals aren’t in yet but I’ll work on those during day 4.

M- Use items

1-0: Use spells

L: Character longsheet

E: Examine

G: Pick up items

<: Up stairs

>: Down stairs

If anything crashes and I don’t catch it, let me know and I’ll deal with the issue immediately.

5 thoughts on “Black Mage Goes Rogue- Day 3”

  1. At first I thought the game wasn’t working for me, it just said Black Mage Goes Rogue- 7drl.

    Then after a couple minutes it did start working but the console had the map, then lots of empty space, then messages; so whenever I moved I would have to scroll up to see the map again.

    1. These issues will be the first thing I fix. Thanks for your feedback. I will at least have the window auto-maximize. I maximized the window before to get it looking right but was unsure how to make that the default.

      Edit: I goofed and put the map generation in the wrong place in the code. Now it should immediately go to the game. Also, I set the program to open up at a large enough size to get everything. If the latter doesn’t work still, let me know and I’ll keep working on it during day 4. I hope to get rid of any design flaws and bugs present in the game during this day so I can polish and expand on it in the remaining three days.

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