Clerk’s Creed Status Report

Day 1:


After a long and profound discussion /it lasted about 20 min./ we decided on the setting of our 7DRL. Since my dad /and Clerk’s Creed lead programmer/ works in an office, he came up with the idea of a rougelike set in a place like that. This of course meant that we had to shift the philosophy a little – no potions in a traditional meaning /but something of sorts…/, no monsters, /well, that’s arguable/ no dungeons, no swords… What can you slay in an office? And with WHAT?

After deciding on that theme, dad started working on the important stuff: generating levels, game mechanics, logic etc.


I, on the other hand, began doodling in Photoshop, with whom I have a very complicated relationship. I’ve never really worked with pixelart before – sure, I admired it, but somehow I’ve never tried my hand at it. And, surprisingly enough, it went great! I mean, drawing a walking zombie felt really, REALLY good ,)


Day 2:

Dad started testing randomly generated levels. He codes in Free Pascal using Lazarus at the moment, he claims that it has nice, fast, readable code and that he have no intention in using any C-family language for this project. Our hero /we still haven’t decided on the particulars of his story/ can walk through walls at this point, but we let him enjoy his superpowers for now.


Our cast gained new members, 2 men and 2 women, and I had so much fun creating them! I also started creating tiles if my memory serves me well. Unfortunately, some unexpected, emergency work showed up, so I didn’t do as much as I wanted to.


Day 3:

Dad went to work… To get inspired I presume. He did manage however to polish his randomly generated assets distribution algorithm. Dunno how he does it. Superpowers?


So I drew the assets to be randomly distributed – although I’m still not sure if anyone has bonsai trees in an office… But it was fun to draw, so I couldn’t resist. Had some troubles with chairs/desks since they will be placed randomly and can face any direction.


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