ColdRL – end of day 3

Good day today, plenty of stuff got brought up to a working standard, even if the full details of the combat mechanics aren’t yet worked out. I’m particularly enjoying coming back to this blog through the day to see how everyone else is getting along!

Here’s a quick screen showing what the game looks like at the moment:


I’ve been working mainly on the enemy units, AI and pathfinding. The red area you can see here is the enemies FOV. Stepping into this area will ‘alert’ them, causing them to follow you around the map. This guy here has already been alerted (hence the exclamation mark!) so his FOV is a bit bigger (you can’t sneak up on him from behind).

Stealth is working by keeping a careful eye on the movement indicators on each enemy. There is an arrow indicating the current facing direction, which is red if the guy is moving in that direction in the next turn, or blue if not. There is also a green arrow indicating if the enemy will change direction next turn.

AI3This guy on the left for example will move to the north-east and turn to the north upon the next game turn.

It’s pretty satisfying to sneak up behind one of these spider things and dispatch it, but maybe a bit too easy at the moment!

The weather in Edinburgh is providing some pretty good inspiration for ColdRL at the moment πŸ™‚ Hopefully it’ll stay snowy for a few days longer!

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