Explore, Day 2

A short day, difficult to have the first day be a Sunday as the shortened hours on the second day seem to sap momentum!

My goal was to spend the last day working on polish, but as usual I cannot put these things off and find myself dwelling on them at this early stage.  The good news is that I have He-Who-Cannot-Be-Spelled-Properly correctly in.  So we have the victory stage ready.  But I’m still missing the utterly essential procedural dungeon elements…  I keep building the infrastructure that goes around it, but if I don’t actually make them soon, there won’t be a game to win…

1 thought on “Explore, Day 2”

  1. I think the “polish as you go” approach is one reason why your 7DRLs feel like real games rather than a prototype or quick-and-dirty game. Let us know what kind of new dungeon elements you’re adding!

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