Han Yolo and the Mys­te­ri­ous Planet Day 3

Another day in the drain, but slowly gameplay start emerging from the trenches of this 7DRL. Although we’re all back at our daily jobs this week, it doesn’t stop the progress! Who needs sleep anyway…

Bill worked on an ability animation that lets you take cover behind a wall with a sharp corner, and emerge while firing, then slip back into cover.

He also worked, together with Petur, on the desert scene a bit more.

Strike a pose Han Yolo!

Screen from the Unity3D editor window.

I started my 7DRL work yesterday trying to merge Bill’s navmesh from the static scene into the generated dungeon, but to my horror realized it could only be pre-baked (this is the navigation system that comes bundled with Unity3D Pro). So, instead of rolling my own, which I probably should have done, I looked to SimplePath, a Unity3D extension, that does grid-based pathfinding.

While SimplePath worked and reacted dynamically to changing environments, it had some problems that would take too much time to work out. Like enemies would pile on top of each other, and there were no built in avoidance logic, which in the limited time of a 7DRL would have resulted in hacks! In addition, the code was quite obscure as I tried to adopt it to a turn-based scheme…

But there is one giant in the realm of Unity3D AI extensions, that I wasn’t aware of till now. Aaron’s A* Pathfinding Project. This feels professional to work with, and has soooo much bundled in!

Here it was much simpler to see how I could integrate respect for a turn-based scheme (though I ended up not finding the time to do so). But as I left the computer, I had a little chase game set up of robot critters trying to overwhelm you. Just to be clear, these robot critters were bundled with the Unity Example Project, AngryBots, and is not part of our 7DRL game. Good for testing though 🙂

The next step is to replace the player character with Han Yolo in this test, then let him shoot back!

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