InvadeRL – 24h: Creating the Creator

To create “text sprites” the first order of business is to display some text.  Sounds simple enough, eh?  Ah, but this is not just any text, it’s ASCII + “High ASCII” glyphs of Codepage 437; An emulation of the old DOS / EGA text mode.

HTML5 canvas composition is slow!  So, In order to display the classic font efficiently I’ve converted it into something of a stencil, one for each background color.  The foreground color is rendered. first, then the stencil for the desired background color is overlaid.

After I got the font & colors squared away I began creating the point and click “text editing” tools.  Today I got the color palette selection and text-tile chooser created. With any luck, in the next 24 hours I will be able to draw some frames of text.

My InvadeRL dev-blog has a bit more info, and screenshots of some old DOS games that inspired me.

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