Mosaic day 2 – My Dazzling Game of Many Colours

I have many colours!  About a million in fact, which combined with ~100 different tile outlines makes for 100 million subtly different mosaic tile types in the game.  This is, perhaps, too many, but the cull can wait.  At the moment I’m marvelling at the T-Engine’s propensity for on-the-fly tile construction  🙂

Mosaic rogue of many colours
Disco rogue, yo!

Not sure about the @ / treble clef combo.  Needs a bit of touching up at least.  The scrolling starfield may go too, but it looks kinda funky.

I’ve been listening to Pachelbel’s Canon a lot.  It represents a few of my ideas for the game.  When I get the gameplay in, that is…

Remaining plan: Floodfill of tiles in enclosed spaces, generation of enemies that rip tiles apart, level advancement, add life, add sounds.  At some point I have to think up a victory condition.

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