Pugnacious Wizards day 2

Explore varied castle rooms; kill, evade, or trick guards, archers, and wizards; collect the tree pieces of the amulet; escape. Think you can do it? Play from your browser, download the swf, or download the source at http://trystans.blogspot.com/2013/03/pugnacious-wizards-day-2.html

A solid 4 or so hours of progress. Aside from some minor ai and visual tweaks, the demo hero and defending wizards can cast the same magic you do. There’s also 8 types of themed rooms. Not all room themes appear in each castle so you have to play at least twice to see them all. Or watch the demo hero attempt it.

What’s left?

  • More traps, puz­zles, and room themes.
  • A novel, and hope­fully bet­ter, magic system.
  • Basic pol­ish such as a help screen and look screen.

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