Rasatala – Day 3

Making good progress with the actual game content now.

Today saw the addition of ranged combat, bows and quivers of arrows which are working properly, a bit of UI work to do with that and making a single-key command for shooting at the nearest enemy, the introduction of backstabbing for less savoury characters in the dungeon which has the benefit of ignoring parrying and evasion (as do all attacks from behind) but in addition to that it does much more damage. Certain seemingly weak adversaries might have learnt this dirty trick as well so you need to be careful not to turn your back. Also a bit of work went into differentiating the classes, so that the Shikari is an archery specialist for instance and much more effective with ranged weapons, which are usable by all characters but with less effectiveness.

Tomorrow is going to see me add plot characters throughout the dungeon and a means of character development as you interact with these plots in preparation for the final battle.

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