Rogue Tactics – Day 1

Various circumstances kept me from getting too much work done today. This may continue to be the case all week, maybe even Saturday – it’s why I’m not aiming to create more than a proof of concept I can build upon later. I’m glad this lasts a week and not 48 hours.

Day 1

Those who have played with ToME’s example module can probably recognize this is mostly unchanged from it. The most significant change thus far was that I turned off LOS, which was a little more involved than you would expect in terms of figuring out how to go about it; my solution is a bit of a hack, but it will suffice. I also dislike how the standard dungeon generator behaves on hex maps, so I’ll have to use the cavern (as depicted here) or forest generators for now.

I was pointed to a module called Hellfire which has similar design goals to my project. While my brief excursion into it as a player didn’t verify whether it has turn taking implemented yet, I can probably find some useful inspiration there. It seems everyone has just been borrowing ToME’s party code, so I suppose I’ll do the same for 7DRL, though I’d like to redo it eventually (not the least because I don’t need most of its features.)

That’s all for now. Hopefully I’ll have something more exciting to show you in the days to come.

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