Servitude – Day 4 – Report

Again, I didn’t spend half as much time on this as I would have liked.  But I did get big bang for my bucks out of the time I did spend, from the generic code I’ve already written.  Doors now have two flags, locked/unlocked and open/closed.  The player can no longer walk through a closed door.  Walking into objects pops up a context menu based on the type of object.  The turn-based action system is begun.

Move into something, context menu appears.
Context menus.

Sometimes I think I would be making more progress, if I didn’t take the time to perfect my code.  Other times I find that “perfected code” enabling me to build other things with minimal effort.  Or lending itself to easy extension.  Whatever the case may be, things are pretty much writing themselves so far.

On to day 3!

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