SkullDorado – Day 1



8:00 pm Monday, which means the end of Day 1 for SkullDorado. (Incorrectly parsed as “Skull Dorado” in the screenshot.)

I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. I wrote a class to handle ascii output to the screen, which includes a color filter so I can blit the characters to the screen in any color, and wrote a text parser to write a log output to the screen using those same ascii characters. Which also gets used to write text to the screen just about anywhere I’d like.

Also I made sure that everything gets scaled correctly to the size of the screen, however I’m sure it might look squished/stretched on screens that use different ratios. It’s not really a priority right now to figure out support on that, though. I am gonna see about borrowing a tablet later to make sure it doesn’t look too bad up-scaled on a large device.

Next up in the plan is to get enemies running around and combat working. This is something I slacked on last year and didn’t get finished in time, so I want to work on it earlier. Even if my map stuff sucks, it’ll be more of a game if at least you can run around and fight dudes.

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