The Reset Button – Chronofrags and timeline fixing oh my!


I have added some more features into The Reset Button.
The timeline now indicates health at each point in time and for each chronoclone (player clones created by time traveling), with !! indicating a dead player.  The chronoenergy bar is a placeholder for a meta-temporal food counter, only declining when the player alters himself in the past or fixes a timeline, and causing permafailure when the player reaches 0.  The alteration of dead and not dead is the result of a chronofrag, where I chronoported into my past self.  This created a grandfather paradox, alternating between him departing and him being killed as the arrival bursts from his position with 1 HP.  Thankfully, arrival 3 is protected from this paradox because I fixed his timeline.  Fixing timelines will useful for preventing your future selves from being erased by a past event, but there will be a chronoenergy cost to prevent abuse.  The red number 4 indicates a doomed timeline, since arrival 3 changed his action to kill the F that was killing him, undoing all of his future actions.

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