“Back Up” – End of day 4

Day 4 summary

Corridors at last! I got my head around the bad description of the algorithm we had at last and fixed the odd bits. I added up and down staircases as well. and made the player spawn next to the ‘up’ one. That should be ‘down’ thinking about it now…

I also added basic combat support. Both the player and enemies have health now and do  damage per hit. Player damage is currently ignored for testing but the enemies can die now.

200 damage is a lot, but this is starting at level 35 and working backwards.
FoW turned off to show a generated map and very basic item placement.


Goals for day 5


  • Not sure yet.


  • Beef up combat to use stats, I imagine a lot of this is going to be spreadsheet work due to the needs of this specific plot.
  • Start of equipment system
  • Zoom the map back in and add scrolling. It has been set at 50% normal size for testing the level generation and item/mob placement.

2 thoughts on ““Back Up” – End of day 4”

  1. Long windy corridors that dead end can be frustrating to play through. Maybe you could put an item at the end of each dead end to make it worthwhile or remove an adjacent wall from each dead end to get rid of them?

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