Han Yolo and the Mys­te­ri­ous Planet Day 4

Bill has been on fire today producing some seriously cool art and effects!

It’s starting to look like a game! Too bad my end of things has gone less smooth today, as I started adapting the pathfinding behavior to a turn-based scheme… It was simple enough to get the player to spend turns as he moves over new cells, but much harder to make monsters plan towards the player, while picking a direction over cells in such a way that they stop in the center of a cell once a turn is spent… At the end of today I’ve been running with an approach where I have one pathfinder that keeps track of the path to the player, then use this information to choose which adjacent cell in 8 directions to choose from, and path to that cell…

But when shit starts to fly, it’s time to get some sleep!

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4 thoughts on “Han Yolo and the Mys­te­ri­ous Planet Day 4”

  1. I have the same issue. I can get my player to wherever I want, but getting the baddies to go interesting places is rough. It’s my last major obstacle.

    BTW your game looks great. It’s funny that a game like that will be up against an ascii only game. Welcome to the 7DRL 2013.

  2. For the 7DRL, my intention was to release the source code that’s related to dungeon generation and gameplay, yes. We base our code on some licensed sources though, like A* Pathfinding Project, NGUI and Playmaker, so we just have to be careful not to break any licenses. In addition, some of our logic, specially that dealing with transitions over time and animations, are handled in Playmaker, to clean up the C# script-end. And be warned, the code won’t be clean after seven days in the trenches 😉

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