Inside Out, Day 3


shot3Room lights work again! But no shadows. The system I was going to use relies on there being a fixed number of light sources, which isn’t the case in this game. Hmm. I may be able to fix it later, but I’m not convinced. It looks okay as it is, and I’ve got gameplay to write!

Biggest thing I did today is something I can’t really show you in a screenshot. You see that door southeast of the player? That’s not meant to be there – in his house, I mean. If he walks out into the hall, it disappears. In true Lovecraft style it leads to a weird series of rooms somehow occupying the same space as his house – when you pass through the door the real world fades into obscurity and vice versa. Looks nice – but only as an animation 🙂

Tomorrow will be AI for the thing.. in the dark.. and hopefully I’ll get to integrate Tom’s level generation code.

2 thoughts on “Inside Out, Day 3”

  1. That sounds like my original idea for this 7DRL, to make a non-Euclidean dungeon crawler that gets increasingly broken the further down you go. Things like infinite loops or mirrors that flip the world when you walk through them.

    I still might do it, just not for this 7DRL.

    Good luck with your game. I’ll have to remember to check it out when/if it’s done.

  2. Thanks! That idea sounds cool too. I think we shied away from making things too crazy because we want the player to go to point X, then come back – difficult to tell if you’re coming back if none of the rooms look familiar…

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