It Did Not End Well: Day 4


One thing that I’ve definitely learned for future game jams is that having basic UI code ready beforehand is going to save you a lot of time. A bit too much Planetside 2 aside, the bulk of the last two days has been lost to working on the inventory and other menus. All basic stuff, but all of it utterly essential and necessary for me to move on to the good stuff. IDNEW now has:

– equipping, dropping, using of items (for those that work).
– a player stats page.
– searchable chests.
– less ridiculous enemy numbers.
– healing items.
– other things i have forgotten

The other thing I’m coming to realise is that agonizing over balancing this early on is pointless. It doesn’t matter if the shotgun looks overpowered, just give it some rough numbers and throw it out for testing.

Speaking of which, the latest version can be found here. If you’ve got a spare few minutes, please give it a go:

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