Lawman – Days 2&3

Past two days I haven’t been coding as much as I’d hoped, but I have still made some progress. Since day 1, the most visible addition is the UI (pictured below), which features some stats and weapons. It’s functional, although you can’t yet buy weapons, so the inventory is hard-coded.

Another important addition is enemies and combat. It’s still very primitive and being ranged instead of melee brings a whole lot of issues that need thinking. However, it is now possible to kill bandits and die yourself.


Other things include some cosmetic changes and adding furniture to the houses (needs improvement though, and there aren’t any special places like a saloon yet). At some point I thought of actually using one of my previous 7DRLs, City of the Condemned (C++) as a starting point when I realized the town generator is going to need a whole lot of stuff that’s already in CotC. However, being playable in web browser and not particularly liking CotC’s generator code (the output I find very nice though) tipped the scale to Unicodetiles.js.

My plan for next is improve the combat mechanics and start adding important shops like a doctor’s office and a gun store. However, as I’m not a huge fan of menus, I might need to think about the implementation a bit.

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