Operation Roboid: 7DRL Edition.


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This is the game I have been working on since I stopped working on Project Zomboid.

It’s a creative game where you program the brains of your robot army, in an endless procedurally generated world.

The aim is to program the brains of your robots to aid their survival as the virtual world in which they live becomes ever more hostile.

I suppose It’s a bit like a Minecraft-type game, but with a very strong emphasis on programming Robot-Brains.

But as of Monday, my game has been severely lacking in actual gameplay (I’ve mainly focussed on the game engine and graphics shaders up until now).

I have decided to use the 7DRL challenge to force me to add some much needed gameplay elements into my game.

The strict 7DRL deadline will help me/force me to do this. 😉

2 thoughts on “Operation Roboid: 7DRL Edition.”

  1. Sorry for the late reply.

    Well, I started making my own game engine a while ago, and that is what I am using. (I checked the rules first. It’s fine to use existing stuff.)

    It’s really no different from people using game-maker or Unity or whatever. The only difference is that I wrote the engine rather than using a pre-existing one.

    To be clear; my overall game is not a rogue-like. But I’m seeing if I can use my tech to make one in seven days.

    Essentially, I’m using the 7DRL deadline to help force me to add some much needed game-play.

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