Possession – Days 3 and 4

Mostly been cranking away on content these past two days. A few days ago when I wrote up a list of the creatures, I split them into 5 creature types per level, and a total of 5 levels. I’ve now finished all of the creatures up to level 3, and what I’m hoping is that I’ll actually be able to put more than 5 levels in, since with just 5, the game’ll probably be pretty short. At the very least, putting in new content should go a lot faster now, since I should have pretty much all of the backend stuff done that I need.

Of course, I also have to do the menus and such at some point, and the list of “bugs to fix later” is getting larger and larger, so we’ll see how long that takes before I start committing to new content. Ugh, bug fixing. Anyone who tells you game development is just playing has no idea what they’re talking about.

The problem with working on content is that I want to show it off, but also don’t want to spoil too much. Many of the creatures have special abilities, but I want their use to be a surprise. Here are a few, though:

possess6 possess7 possess8

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