Pugnacious Wizards day 3

Use magic, avoid traps, kill, be killed, and maybe escape with all three pieces of the amulet. Play online at http://trystans.blogspot.com/2013/03/pugnacious-wizards-day-3.html. Let me know what you think if you try it.

While playtesting today I made it to one of the wizards who keeps freezing me and attacking me while I’m vulnerable. So I lit myself on fire as soon as I saw him. His freeze spell put the fire out and gave me a couple turns to attack him at the cost of losing a few hp from being on fire. I may need to tweak some numbers with the fire and freezing stuff.

Today I added a help screen, an examine screen, and a system of popups so the first time you find new things you get some details about them. Not much new content, but useful stuff that I want to try anyway. It’s also a good time to get some non-roguelike players to try. I’ll see if anyone I know wants to try it.

Only four days left. What else do I want to do?

  • Better traps, puzzles, and room themes.
  • A novel, and hope­fully more interesting, magic system.

1 thought on “Pugnacious Wizards day 3”

  1. I like very much this project, and i hope you’ll continue it after the contest has ended, it has very much potential, and, for my 2 cents, in the last question posted, i’d suggest the magic system!

    Good Luck!

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