Shadows of Humanity – Day 3

I started working on this on Monday(a few days late I know) 9:26 PM This is my first attempt at developing a full game, and such I’m giving it special care.

Shadows of humanity is a Survival-Roguelike(with a hint of undead), the goal is to survive as long as possible fighting Exhaustion, hunger and, of course, zombies.

I plan to have the game have more features but to fit it in the 7DRLC I’ve cut them back to just the basics.

  • Scavenge through houses to find food
  • Barricade Houses so you have a place to rest at night.
  • Fight off the Undead

The game also includes RPG elements, when you level up, it allows you shoot more accurately, Have more health, and build better Barricades.

Active skills are planned for after the 7DRL and Multiplayer and Pets are being considered.

Screenshot of the first rendered map More after Break:


Random population gave me a TON of issues….



I finally figured out the problem and got everything to not overlap Next i’m adding Buffers around the doors so that its guaranteed that you can reach the house. collision and then adding the “chests”



Last map feature to implement will be Lighting. I’m considering a Day and night cycle at night you have a Lamp or flashlight.


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