SkullDorado – Day 2

device-2013-03-12-1748438:00 pm Tuesday marks the end of Day 2 for SkullDorado!

Things are progressing nicely. I have enemies which run around and attack the player, a HP meter that actually works, Log output to the screen console, Waiting by tapping the screen rather than swiping, blocks that alternate up and down after a certain number of turns– and some behind the scenes stuff fixed like the game not re-initializing when using the back button to return to the title menu.

At the end of 48 hours I like to think how much I would’ve accomplished for a 48-hour jam, and while I would’ve had more time on a weekend, I think I still got a respectable amount accomplished. With that time I could have finished the player attacking logic and would be done. However as there’s still five days left I can do that plus get the camera scrolling for a larger map and get random map generation, game saving, and items all working. Hopefully with a little time left for polish.

Because my ascii character set is just a loaded image, I can do things like replace characters (see the skull in the title bar? That’s actually the É character. Also, with a different graphic and a changed value I could use tiles that are bigger than 8×8. One of my stretch goals for this project is to actually do a little bit with that and make a custom character set to use instead of the ascii set.

One thing I have to think about as well is implementing some sort of settings menu, for things like changing the sensitivity of what constitutes a swipe vs. a tap. And turning off vibration, too. I suppose some people will want that.

Since there’s now 5 days left and two of them are weekend days, I have a whole lot of confidence that I’ll blow last years project out of the water! Wish me luck!

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