Suck-eggs and Success

I have an abortion and a success to report. I’ve opted for the full 7DRL experience and both failed and completed it.

Failure: Super Mario RL

Idea: Make Super Mario Bros turn-based and random.

It's not nearly as fun as one would hope.

Building this on top of my puzzle game Ending was the worst move. It has no Entities, everything is pure – and thus unchangeable. Nightmare. So it took 3 whole days to find out that all of the challenge in Super Mario Bros is because it isn’t turn based.

Success: Bump!

Idea: What mechanics in this awful mess could I still make a game from?

But is it a roguelike?

Sooo, the nudging blocks is interesting. What if it did a whole row? What if the monsters that were nudged, flipped and drilled down? Any monster below would get flipped for points as well. Add Spelunky spikes. You can flip them too. Add bombs – because that lets you get away with even worse map design. Make those special blocks high-scoring because it’s harder to nudge them before destroying everything…

And then I’m up till 3am trying to beat my highscore. I like how simple the game currently is so apart from a few bugs to fix I’d like to leave it as is.

Good luck to the rest of you: Never give up, never surrender.

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  1. That’s really cool. I’m a little confused on exactly how movement works–A turn-based platformer? Who would have thought it even possible?–but it’s a lot of fun.

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