The House on the Hill – Day 2

Since yesterday, I’ve managed to write a GUI framework in Racket (note to self: next year either choose a language that already has one or make it ahead of time). It’s roughly based on Rot.js, you can read more about the functionality it has thus far over on my person blog: The House on the Hill – Day 2 on

After I got the display code working, I played around with formatting and got keyboard input working. So really, I have a fair first step. Here is what the user will see when they very first start the game (for now):

And here’s what they’ll see once they press any key:

You start outside of the house and have to head directly north to the main doors. I’ll probably put some special code in there on the edges of the grass to keep you from wondering off, but at the moment, I don’t even have a moving @…

Theoretically, I should be able to hammer out movement and room rendering tomorrow. That will leave more room definitions, items, monsters, and events for Thursday and just content adding / debugging for Friday. Believe it or not, I’m still completely confident that I can do it. Perhaps I’m just crazy like that. 🙂

For a few more in progress pictures and a full description of the API (I’ll probably bundle it all up once this is said and done, but not until next week at the earliest), head over here: The House on the Hill – Day 2 on

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