Dredd RL – Day 4 Update

I’ve successfully created a simple action RPG, but I think I may have missed the mark on being Roguelike. My original intention was to make the game realtime but when combined with the focus on ranged weapons it seems to have become more action oriented then tactical. I’ve got a few days to try and steer the ship back in the direction I had originally intended. I would also like to add a little more style into the game, it feels very generic at the moment. I still have a long list of things to implement including the ability to move between levels, random procedural mission creation, and an XP system. For anyone interested here is a link to the game as it is now.


1 thought on “Dredd RL – Day 4 Update”

  1. Oh man I must have missed this one. I dig the theme. I was thinking of doing one very similar but turn based. The strategy would be based around which round to use in Judge Dredd’s gun, with limited ammo of each type that gets refilled in between missions.

    I’ve mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. If you derive interesting game play through permadeath and procedural content you are roguelike enough. Does it provide a new challenge each time? Or just the same challenge just rearranged? This is a game jam though, so experiment away. If you end up with a non-roguelike that’s okay. Hell last year I had to eliminate almost everything that made my game a roguelike, so it came out as a puzzle instead. The freakin’ year before that I made a card game, the year before that an Arena Shooter.

    So no worries!

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