Hush, Little One: Day 4

Missed a couple days of updates here, but oh well.

The game is coming along pretty well.  There’s a controllable character now, and a nice and easy-to-work-with event based Turn system.

I’ve added enemies with a sort of AI. They move about randomly, but if they detect you within their hearing/sight radius they will come for you.  I got to play with the field of vision and A* pathfinding algorithms from rot.js for this, and geeked out a little bit

The child has been added as well. He will follow you for the most part. You can tell him to wait in one spot, but if you leave his field of vision he’ll start to build panic.  If his panic levels get too high, he exhibits some risky behavior.  Panic can be alleviated by you just being in eyesight, or taking a turn to comfort him.

Next thing to add is the one time use items. Have to build a UI for that stuff as well. The graphic assets just came in tonight, so I hope to share a screenshot of the game with proper graphics soon.

For anyone who may be interested, all the code is on github here:


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