It Did Not End Well: Day 5


I am now painfully aware that I have less roughly 44 hours left to “finish” IDNEW, and as I’m intending to use as much of the last day as possible for polishing, bug fixing, and other fluff, this means that day six is the last day to add features ( multi-hp beast enemies for one thing). Eep.

As of the end of day five, IDNEW has:

– male and female player options.
– some keyboard controls.
– some sound effects.
– better enemy placement.
– new cultist types: fanatics and possessed.

Possessed are multi-hp enemies that need to have the player’s damage exceed their hp in one attack in order for them to be killed (For example: 3 damage will kill 3 Zombified Cultists, but only 1 Possessed Cultist).

Fanatics have the same stats as Zombified Cultists, except their knives give them an extra point of damage on each attack.

– items that are dropped can be recovered from the floor.
– skill crystals that drop from fallen enemies. These can be spent on the skills page to increase stats.
-up and down buttons for the inventory (Good luck not dying before you need to use them).
– critical hit chances.

It still a bit of mess, but here it is:

Keys 1-6 can be use to open and close the main options menu.
WASD can be used to move to another room.

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