Peli – Day 4 and 5 – Experience


Day 4 and 5 were taken up by lots of non-rogue activities. Still managed a couple of hours of work though.

Added initial sprites for all 15 enemy types, and they are chosen with different probabilities over the floors – so you’ll see worms on the first floor, and knights on the last. They don’t offer much of an increased challenge, even though XP, HP and levelling up has been implemented. I’m trying to make as much of this to be procedural as possible – level sizes, XP and HP steps are all based on the Fibonacci sequence. We’ll see how that turns out.

I also added some basic walk and attack animations to Peli and the goblin. Ended up creating 10 frames, and using just 1. Lesson learned.

Oh and most importantly: chicken. You can eat it to increase your health.

As usual, it can be played online – or you can view the source code on bitbucket.

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