Peli – Day 6 – Nudity

A little bit of polish this evening – added directional animation for Peli as well as a clothing and weapon system. It’s not wired up to items yet, but here’s a sneak peak…


(do I need to warn people about a single pink pixel? I’m hoping not…)

Also added the start of some finite state machine gubbins for the enemy AI and made the enemy stats also based on the Fibonacci sequence – this is becoming a common thread.

The latest version is playable online. Lots of stuff planned for tomorrow, we’ll see how much I manage to get through. At the very least some more intelligent bad guys!

1 thought on “Peli – Day 6 – Nudity”

  1. I am really liking pixel art of your game. Everything seems to be coming along well. Hopefully you will have time to put in some strategy though. Right now you can just kill everything without any difficulty or strategy. Looking good though!

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