Pugnacious Wizards day 4

Teleport and burn your surroundings. Or freeze everyone near you and blink away. Or shoot a magic missile that bounces off walls and enemies. Try some magic that has multiple effects at once at http://trystans.blogspot.com/2013/03/pugnacious-wizards-day-4.html.

What few hours I had today were mostly spent refactoring the magic stuff so I can make it more interesting. I was going to wait until friday and saturday but decided to do that now. Still not entirely happy with how convoluted that turned out. It will take a while more to get the code in a non-embarrassing state.

What will I do now that half the week is over?

  • More spells with multiple effects for you to find.
  • Bet­ter traps, puz­zles, and room themes.

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