Rebirth of Evil – Day ?

I’ve had a lot of setbacks recently.  I was called in to work all day Tuesday, so no progress there, and today I wasn’t feeling too good so I spent the entire day sleeping and playing video games, which means I haven’t worked on my entry for a couple days now.  I guess I’m going for a 5DRL now.  Well I have no doubt that I can complete the game, but it probably won’t be polished, or fun.  But none of that really matters as long as its completed of course.

Good news is though that in the first two days I did manage to get the game fully playable, I just have to populate the rest of the dungeon levels, add an actual consequence for losing all your life (hint: you die), and add in the game’s ending which will of course be the rebirth of some ancient evil demon or something scary like that.


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