Remember (Failed)

You may or may not have noticed my cryptic announcement (and only) post, but I’m announcing failure now. Remember was an ambitious idea about someone dreaming in a house. The core mechanic was that you could only hold one item and that each time you went to sleep in the bed, you’d wake up in a new randomly-generated house with rules influenced by the item which you were holding, going deeper into the dream.

The real ambitious part (for me) was the art style. The amount of animation required was daunting and hanging over me the whole time; in a rogue-like, of all genres, where ASCII is acceptable! The idea really didn’t grab me enough, either; if the rules change with every level how is the player supposed to learn?

Anyway, I’ve got another concept which is more of a traditional rogue-like, although with a less traditional setting. I’m just figuring out how to cut back the scope to fit it in the time I have left, or else whether I should do an OoC (or both).

2 thoughts on “Remember (Failed)”

  1. It’s okay buddy. Not all ideas are meant to turn into a game, especially not a 7DRL. When my gaming ideas fail at some point in development I try to remember it that it is all part of the learning process.

    On to the next venture!

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