SkullDorado – Day 3

device-2013-03-13-1930568:00 pm Wednesday brings about the close of Day 3 on SkullDorado.

This is the first day where development seems to have really slowed down. I was able to expand the map and implement a map camera and field of view / line of sight between objects and/or points. This means that I still have smarter enemy AI, random maps, and items to work on in the next four days.

After some discussion and finalizing the design earlier today, I need to re-work the UI a little. There’s just too much un-needed space to the right of the map and the HP and Gold/Score value would be better served up under the title bar, allowing the map to be displayed bigger and hopefully not pushing the item buttons down too low.

Besides bringing the map to the forefront of the action/the player’s attention, it’ll also allow for larger tiles, so if/when I switch away from mono-colored ascii characters, the resulting graphics will be easier to see and nicer to look at. In any case, I feel like I’m still on track for completing this in time. There’s a significant amount of work left, still, especially with Friday and the weekend coming up, I’m still optimistic!

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