Urwald – day 3&4

Wed – day 3.
Haven’t done much, coding was going really bad, some initial firing stuff
Urwald - day 3

Thu – day 4.
Had to redo my movement system, firing still not done, i’m a little bit out of my schedule :/

I took Friday off, so I’ll have three full days, we’ll see how’s it’s gonna end

2 thoughts on “Urwald – day 3&4”

  1. > I took Fri­day off, so I’ll have three full days
    The rules of the challange don’t really work like that (ie. one week is measured in the actual passage of time 😉 but I won’t tell anyone if you don’t. Good luck.

    As always,

  2. hahaha, that’s unfair! I’ve seen many students here, and everyone knows students do all kind of things except studying 😉

    still I’m a way behind my schedule, so I doubt that that’s gonna help me :/ will try till the very end though.

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