Adventure Mall is done

My 2013 7DRL, Adventure Mall, is done (save a few small fixes that might be applied before midnight).

You can play it in your browser here:

And you can see the dev blog here:

2 thoughts on “Adventure Mall is done”

  1. I enjoyed running about the mall picking up the money and goodies (big money! big prizes! I loooooove it! 😀 )
    your map generation was fairly interesting with lots of winding looping corridors so I didn’t get dead-ended much (except when a shopper blocked my path 😛 )

    My only real concern was the trap vs the rocket launcher. The free trap does the job with high precision (aka no accidental suicide) and the 1 limit isn’t a biggie because it just makes it more interesting to use. The rockets, on the other hand, as patrick mentioned, seem to ignore monsters when in flight and have a chance of self-killing you all for the price of $10 a shot.

    that aside I honestly found this to be a pretty good effort, especially within the 7 days we’re allotted :3

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